Wendy’s Bridal Blog

Another update on DressPlace’s wonderful world of bridal. I do have to laugh when I get a bride who gives me a list of things she definitely does not want! Michelle, my lovely bride, came in all excited with her mum as she had never tried on any wedding dresses before. The first thing Michelle said to me was ‘I must have long or capped sleeves and I definitely don’t want strapless, oh and it must have lace.’ Michelle’s mum nodded her head in agreement. I smiled to myself and thought, I must remember Michelle wants a sleeve of some sort! I say to all the brides, please be open minded as you never know what suits you until you have tried a dress on, so let’s try lots of different styles. I started to show Michelle the beautiful wedding dresses we have at Dress Place, going through all the fabulous designers, Mori Lee, Eddy K, Ivory & Co and Veromia, remembering we must have lace and sleeves. Michelle was really happy with her choices and was so excited to try on the first wedding dress by Mori Lee, style 5372, with exquisite long lace sleeves. The first thing Michelle said on wearing it was ‘I don’t like the sleeves’. Remember that’s what Michelle asked me for, so I smiled and told her not to worry as we have lots of beautiful dressed to try on. All the way through the appointment Michelle didn’t like any of the dresses she had chosen. ‘I feel like every other bride’ she said, ‘I want to be different… I love different’. So Michelle agreed to let me choose something for her and I instantly had a particular wedding dress in mind, so off I went to DressPlace’s huge collection and pulled out a fabulous wedding dress by Mori Lee, style 5369, as it’s definitely different! It’s strapless with a sensational skirt that really fits into the body and shows off the figure. I presented it to Michelle and her mum, ‘Wow!’ was the reaction. Michelle’s mum was not too sure though. I donned Michelle in the gorgeous wedding dress and as soon as I zipped it up she started to giggle with excitement, ‘I love it!’ I presented her to mum and they both cried. ‘This is my dress’ she said, ‘I can see myself getting married in it’. This beautiful gown is everything Michelle didn’t ask me for, but she found her wedding dress!