The Perfect Wedding Day

With the bride’s partner expecting a big fat gypsy inspired wedding theme, little did he know he being kept in the dark with the wedding preparations, and more importantly the wedding dress. The bride-to-be, Hannah, visited our bridal boutique looking for the perfect designer wedding dress and following some alterations with our bridal boutique seamstress and her team, Hannah was ready for her big day and certainly surprised the groom when the dress was revieled for the very first time. Rosie sends her compliments to Helen and the rest of the bridal boutique team with a lovely message. Good morning Helen, Jan and team Thought I’d attach a few photos of a perfect day! Everything from start to finish was just lovely and ended with a Beatles Tribute band so lots of dancing! I sent the one of Ian seeing her for the first time because they were all expecting big fat gypsy wedding – so his reaction says it all! Emotional! Dresses still looked lovely at midnight! Many thanks to all for your patience. It was a lovely experience. With best wishes to all of you – and thank you again. Rosie