Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Buying Items from DressPlace Brides & Mothers Limited (DressPlace)

1. I agree with the design, style, colour and size for each item ordered. I understand, and have had it explained to me, that each item is made to order, to the nearest size according to the designer’s size chart and the measurements and length may not be exact. I understand that if I order a size which does not fit me, against the recommendation by the sales consultant at the time of ordering, that it is my responsibility and I will not hold DressPlace liable, if the item does not fit on arrival.

2. I understand that there is a 50% initial payment on the full retail price required on wedding, bridesmaid, occasion wear and prom dresses prior to ordering.

3. The outstanding balance is due within 30 days of your receipt of notification that your goods have arrived in store.

4. If payment is not made within the said 30 day period interest will be due on any unpaid balance at 4% above the Bank of England base lending rate per week until paid.

5. In the event that your garment(s) are defective in any way, DressPlace Bridal will be entitled to either repair or replace the garment(s) (at their sole discretion) always on the basis that your garment(s) will be ready for use and fit for purpose in time for your occasion date.

6. Delivery dates are estimates and subject to change. DressPlace Bridal cannot be held responsible for any delays by the manufacturer

7. All fabrics are made from natural fibres; the weaving of the material may therefore contain minor variations and irregularities that are characteristics of the fabric. These should not be considered a defect nor should DressPlace Bridal be held at fault. I understand that dye lots may vary from swatches.

8. Dresses must be picked up from DressPlace within 30 calendar days upon receipt of the dress at our store. Customer will be notified by phone, mail or e-mail. Collection exceptions are allowed when Storage Agreement is signed. (See Storage Agreement details).

9. If DressPlace Bridal agrees to store your item (s) a charge of, £50 per bridal gown and £20 per bridesmaid gown or outfit, will be levied and will be payable within 30 days of notification that your garment (s) have arrived in store.

10. DressPlace Bridal will be pleased to assist you in the choice of design, style, colour and accessories, however they cannot be held responsible if your circumstances change, you change your mind, or lose, or gain weight, after the date of order.

11. I further understand that the balance of the item(s) will be payable in full, as every item is made to order, if the event is cancelled or postponed.

12. I understand that when purchasing a sample item or take home today dress, it is sold in ‘as is’ condition and must be paid for in full. The cost of any fixing and cleaning will be my responsibility.

13. I understand that alterations to the item may be necessary and that alterations will incur a separate charge at £39 per hour. I further understand that I will not hold DressPlace liable for any alteration inaccuracies or errors. Dresses must be paid in full at a minimum of 48 hours prior to any alterations.

14. I understand that if I lose or gain weight from the initial measurements at ordering, or closer to the event date after the first fitting, I will not hold DressPlace liable and I understand that the extra cost of alterations due to my change of weight will be my responsibility.

15. No cancellation of this contract is permitted after the initial payment has been paid.

16. I understand that should the event be cancelled, I am responsible for providing timely notice to DressPlace. I will be responsible for full payment of all merchandise ordered and bought out of stock within 30 calendar days of such cancellation. ALL merchandise must be picked up within 30 calendar days of notification. Items not picked up by this date are considered abandoned and will become the property of DressPlace, in which case all payments made will be forfeited.

I understand this agreement is a firm and legally binding contract. This does not affect your statutory rights

This contract is between DressPlace Brides & Mothers Limited and the Bride undersigned.




For customers / users who need to download a copy; Please use the PDF version of the Dressplace Terms & Conditions