Prom Blog By Hayley

Here at DressPlace there is nothing I love more than meeting a Prom girl who has no idea what to wear for Prom. After having a little consultation and realising that she hasn’t got the foggiest, is where the fun really begins. Being able to experiment with tons of different dresses from fabulous princess styles to a slinky body hugging number, we’re sure to find something that makes her look amazing. From the moment you walk into our ball room it becomes obvious that we have a dress for everyone. With a whole rainbow of colours, styles and enough jewels to give a magpie a heart attack, DressPlace is the ultimate home for prom dresses. As well as having every style imaginable, we also have dresses to suit all budgets. We understand that not every teenager wants to spend a whopping amount on their Prom dress which is where our off the peg collection comes in handy. This collection is perfect for the girls who have a smaller budget but still want to look a million dollars. Our off the peg collection still includes every style and as little or as much sparkle as needed. However, if you think the bigger the better, and have some magpie like tendencies then we have just the thing for you. MoriLee prom collection is called Paparazzi, which should make any Prom girl who wants a slinky, or princess dress, with enough embellishment to rival the glitter ball we have on the ceiling, scream with excitement. One of the major points we try to stress to Prom girls is that the earlier you start looking the better. Not many people realise that unless you buy from our off the peg collection, everything else has to be ordered, which often takes a few months. We also have in house seamstresses to make sure the dress fits you perfectly. There will be no tripping over hems or gaping busts in this shop. After all, it is the single most important event of your teenage years.