Prom Blog by Alice

Some Prom Girls know exactly what they are looking for. Last week I was showing a Prom Girl our range of Prom dresses and before I could start the consultation to ascertain what she wanted, she told me that she only wanted one thing: a black Prom dress and she definitely was not going to change her mind. Fortunately, at DressPlace we offer a wide range of Prom dresses to suit all budgets and styles, from “off the peg” to Designer Prom dresses. After I had a chat with her, I knew exactly which Prom dress she would love so I tried to steer her a little out of her comfort zone just so she could see what other colours would really suit her. After trying on a couple of brightly coloured Prom dresses, it was time to try her in the Prom dress that I knew she would love. As soon as she tried it on, I could tell by her face that she loved the colour and the exquisite lace. The MoriLee Prom dress looked great on her. It was perfect for a 16 year old with its high neck and simple straight A-line skirt, using a belt to give definition at the waist; it had just enough modesty to look elegant and sophisticated, in a blush pink colour. The Prom girls who know exactly what they want are some of my favourite customers but finding “The” Prom dress isn’t the end of the story. Unknown to this customer, and many others, although we offer Prom dresses off the rail to take home, not all of our Prom dresses are available without ordering. For the higher quality fabrics and choice of styles and colours in your size, there is a 14-16 week delivery time. Shorter ordering times are available but there is an extra charge for this service. All the Prom dresses fit differently and most Prom girls try to lose weight before their Prom, so it is inevitable that some alterations with our expert seamstresses will be needed. We can make the alterations really quickly but it is important to allow enough time, and allow for the added cost. At DressPlace we make the whole Prom dress experience very happy and relaxed and our Prom girls always leave with a smile on their face.