Outdoor Wedding Dress Testimonial

Is there anything more peaceful than the serenity of lakes or mountain views? From the Italian lakes to the Austrian alps, I can’t think of anything else that provides a more stunning and peaceful backdrop than the great outdoors on your dream wedding day.

As part of our outdoor wedding dress testimonial, Kate visited our bridal boutique in search of her dream bridal outfit. Wanting to choose a breath-taking design wedding dress, Kate was in search for her dream dress which would complement the views of the exceptional outdoor wedding venue she had chosen. After choosing her dress, Dressplace could not wait to see how both the dress looked and how it would complement the stunning views of the outdoor wedding venue.

“Hi Dressplace, we won’t have the official photographs through for a few weeks yet but I thought you might like to see some of the photos captured by our guests. I think the official photos will be fab!! Our wedding day exceeded all expectations, it was absolutely magical and I could not have loved my dress anymore, it was utterly stunning and perfect – thank you so so much – Kate”