Mature Bride Testimonial

When you are a mature bride looking for the perfect wedding dress, there are two essential things you will look for in each wedding dress. The first is wanting to look fantastic on your big day and the second is feeling comfortable in what you are wearing and each point mustn’t be compromised. The prospects of searching for both essentials can become a daunting and frustrating experience but fortunately for Rachel, when she visited our Bridal Boutique these fears instantly washed away. Upon being greeted by the door by Helen, Rachel sat down with the Dressplace team and discussed what she wanted in a wedding dress and within the appointment; Rachel found her perfect wedding dress along with finding Elle’s bridesmaid dress. After finding her dress, Rachel passed on her thanks to Helen and the entire Dressplace team for making this happen. Hi Ladies I just wanted to say thank you to you ALL. I was totally deflated looking for that special dress, being a mature bride I didn’t want anything to fussy. Helen greeted me at the door, she was patient listening to my ‘must have and must not have’ list. Helen took me through the ‘process’ starting with what I thought I wanted and ending with the one which Helen new would be perfect! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to find the ‘one’ there and then! Wendy, Bev, Sim and all the girls, you were great. Bev, thank you so much for sorting Elle’s dress and your kind words to build her confidence. We will be back when it’s Elle’s turn.