2 Hour Appointment

We have some fabulous dresses for the brides with curves.

We know how difficult it can be for you to find your dream dress, with most boutiques only stocking small sample sizes and expecting you to choose a dress that you can’t even get on.

The dresses we stock are designed especially for curvy ladies and not just sized up from a smaller size.

For some brides it can also be a little intimidating to visit a bridal boutique, you worry that there won’t be anything for you to try on, but that doesn’t happen with us. We look after you and help you to find your dream dress.


We understand that you don’t want to be rushed, or feel like you are in a cattle market, so we offer you 2 hours for your appointment. We will make your experience a very happy one, welcoming your family and friends with plenty of refreshments on offer too.

Our excellent customer service doesn’t end there; we will look after you all the way through until your wedding day. When your dress arrives from the Designer, between 48 hours and 4-6 months later, you come to try your dress on, it becomes real then!  We will store your dress but you are welcome to come back to try it on at any time, just in case you have forgotten what it looks like! You may like to have a hair trial on the same day so you can try veils and headdresses on too, like a dress rehearsal for the actual day.

Around 6 weeks before your wedding, you will come back to have your first fitting with one of our lovely seamstresses. All your fittings and alterations are included in the Aftercare Package which you pay for at the same time as purchasing your dress. You can add this onto the interest free payment plan too if you like.

At your first fitting your seamstress will pin your dress where required, adding bra cups and petticoats if needed.

Your second fitting will be 2 to 3 weeks later when your seamstress has completed the alterations. In most cases, you will need a third fitting a couple of weeks later, especially if you lose weight.

Once your wedding dress fits exactly how you want it to, you can have a dress rehearsal to practice how to walk in your dress, how to sit down, turn around to go backwards and learn how to do all the practical things you will need to do in your dress on your wedding day. This helps to lessen your anxiety as the wedding day gets closer and you start to worry how you will manage in your dress for the entire day!

We will store your dress right up until the day before your wedding; we will steam it and get it ready for collection, so you look perfect on your wedding day.

We really don’t want to say goodbye because we get so involved with you and your family (especially if your mothers and bridesmaids have found their lovely outfits in our boutique too). We love it when you come back to show us your photos and tell us all about your day.